What is it?

The STAR Phonics Licensing programme is designed to help you start a meaningful, affordable business in teaching early literacy, using a proven system.

STAR Phonics was developed by a group of educationists in 1996. Since then the programme has been receiving excellent feedback for its simplicity and effectiveness in teaching reading. Children love the sessions and were always eagerly looking forward to more lessons.

At the core of the programme is a clever selection of literature, games, crafts and music. Phonics is taught in the context of stories.

Why Phonics?

Research has demonstrated that a strong understanding of the relationship between letters and their sounds is fundamental to learning to read. In the last 10 years, more schools in the USA and Britain are moving towards the teaching of phonics to improve literacy. In some cases, dramatic improvement were achieved.

Knowing the phonic sounds early in life also helps the child to develop proper spoken English. Many Asian adults have poor enunciation of English because the correct sounds of the letters were never learnt.

What about sight words?

Developers of STAR Phonics are mindful that only about 80% of the English words can be pronounced using phonics. Therefore, in each lesson, STAR Phonics also incorporate the teaching of sight words (or whole words).

How effective is the lesson?

At STAR Phonics we use a systematic, structured approach. Lessons do not start with A,B, C and so on. Research has shown that the sounds S,A,T, I, P and N are easier to make. The students can also start forming many simple 3-letter words with these letters. Students are rewarded early and gain confidence as a result.

How do I become a Licensee?

The following is how you can apply to be a licensee.

There are two kinds of licences, individual and corporate.

Individual licences are awarded to those who wish to operate as an independent trainer. They are free to teach at home or at an enrichment/ learning centres.

Corporate licences are awarded to a company who would then appoint trainers who are in their employment. These trainers are designated as in-house trainers and cannot teach outside of the company who holds the licence.

How long is the licence?

Licence is granted for a period of 1 year. After which, the licensee is required to renew on an annual basis.

Where can I get the form?

You can download the form hereform download