Reading stories and ‘playing with sounds’ are some of the young child’s earliest adventures into reading. This set of materials cleverly combines stimulating stories, songs and creative activities with the crucially important awareness of beginning sounds in the form of amusing alliterative phrases. This early sensitivity to the phonological element of word has important implications for later reading success and literacy development in general.

Witty illustrations and visual discrimination activities support each alliterative phrase, with handwriting practice further integrating the visual and phonic element of each letter. The stories which have been selected set appropriate themetic contexts for the reinforcement of the sounds which are gradually introduced throughout the programme, whilst exposing children to the richness of book language which can be employed for their later attempts at reading and writing.

The inclusion of innovative hands-on craft activities and open-ended writing tasks, which accompany the lessons, provide ample opportunity for parents to discuss new sounds and vocabulary with their children while they ‘create’ and add that extra motivation to start reading and writing in a pleasurable and exciting way...

Linda Gan
Division of Specialised Education
National Institute of Education